First Look Review: Kraken X62 Liquid Cooler

This is a first look at NZXT’s new top of the range liquid cooler, the X62, which provides top class cooling and NZXT’s now famous lighting system in one.

The neatly packed (and it is packed) box contains the cooling unit, all enclosed in one single piece with no need to worry about leaks due to the high quality connections and unique design which ensures all pieces are kept sealed.  It also includes 2 fans (140mm for this review model), several backplates to allow you to install the cooler unit on both AMD FM and AM motherboards or Intel socket 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3 alongside four standoffs.


Instructions are sent from the motherboard via USB2.0 cable, which means those with USB 3.0 internally will need an adaptor to connect this. Power comes from the standard SATA connector, with the cable included in the box.

There’s no doubting that the flagship model is rather huge, anyone thinking of installing one of these coolers really needs to check their cases first.  Most good quality high end cases will enable the cooler to be installed (usually in the top or back) but low to mid range cases may not have a large enough space.

That said, it’s designed to be fitted easily if the space is there and comes with everything you need to fit it.  The assembly involves installing both the fans in to the radiator and then fitting that to the case but, even so, it’s a 10 minute or so job.  The cooler sits on top of the CPU via the included backplate and spacers.

Once up and running, downloading the CAM software allows you to make changes to the operating conditions and the lighting, including some very useful effects to show temperatures via the different colours.  The software works across all NZXT products, too, so you can co-ordinate the NZXT HUE+, the new LED fans and case lights with the cooler.

We’ve not had enough chance to check this cooler in action, yet, but initial tests look good and it’s pretty impressive.  Obviously, the lower end models will be ideal for many if the lighting isn’t something you feel you need, but the X62 is designed for those who want to show off their system as much as providing top end cooling.

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