Nintendo announces Labo: the cardboard accessory kit

Nintendo have announced Labo, their new build-and-play experience for Nintendo Switch which just happens to be made out of cardboard.

Masters of the unusually brilliant, Nintendo may have done it again with their latest accessory line for the hybrid console.  Labo is a set of cardboard projects in a box which can be used with the Switch, and the included game cartridge, to build, play and interact with.  Coming as flat packed card, the video shows a working piano, robot, remote control car and other items being built and controlled with Switch by placing the screen somewhere on the model and utilising the Joycons in different ways.

Dubbed ‘Toy-Cons’, the models come in a range of different skill levels, from an easy build to something more complicated, like the piano in the video.  Customisation kits can be bought to add colour and stickers or, of course, you can create your own designs with pens and paint.

Two kits are announced, a Variety Kit ($69.99) which has a range of projects including RC Car, Fishing Rod, House, Motorbike and Piano alongside a cartridge containing all the games and control software for them. The larger Robot Kit ($79.99) contains the amazing wearable robot in the video and the game cartridge to go with it.

Nintendo Labo kits arrive in the UK on April 27th.

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