Playstation 4 Pro Specs revealed

Sony have revealed the official specs for the PS4 Pro (formally the Neo), their new 4K games console out in November.

The processor and GPU are not a huge step up from PS4 but seemingly enough to cope with higher resolutions than standard HD, including 4K, according to many of the developers and publishers interviewed today.


Processor:       x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8-Core

GPU:              AMD Radeon 4.20 TFLOPS

Memory:        GDDR5 8GB

Optical Drive: 6 speed Blu-ray

Output:         HDMI 4k/HDR

USB 3.1 x 3   AUX x 1

Ethernet IEEE 802.11 A/B/G/N/Ac

Bluetooth 4.0

ps4-pro-console-picAnother interesting point to note is that Sony haven’t included a UHD Bluray Player in the console.  This may be for several reasons; to keep costs down in order to make the console affordable (which they’ve certainly done at £359) and also because the world is heading towards streaming and digital content and the PS4 Pro will have access to both of these from Netflix, Youtube and the Playstation Store.

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