Review: Kingdom Come Deliverance: From the Ashes

Liberating Pribyslavitz wasn’t really a major part of the Kingdom Come Deliverance story but it has more of a chance to shine in this new expansion.

When you first come across the village it’s a mess, quite frankly.  Burnt down and taken over by a nasty gang, it’s still left in ruins by the time you’ve dealt with them.  From the Ashes is a chance to see this small village built back up to its former glories (if it had any!)  and you’ll be the main driver in doing this.

Being made bailiff is a blessing and a curse.  I have my suspicions that Sir Divish may have been a little quick to ‘reward’ me with the role, knowing what would come with it, but here we are.   After clearing out yet more bandits, they seem to be quick to move in, it’s building 101.  As with any town building game, you create the places needed to provide resources first and get the place back up and running.

Work doesn’t come for free and nor do workers, unfortunately, so the old saying ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’ is certainly true here.  You’re going to need to make sure you’ve got enough in your pockets to pay the workers, otherwise the building work just won’t get done.   Wood gathering, guards and a tavern are essential for any town but other buildings all have pros and cons, bringing in money or costing money, providing resources or using them up.  It’s a balancing act but one that management fans will lap up.

If you’re far enough into the game then money probably won’t be an issue and you’ll be able to mostly breeze through this DLC.  That’s where the main issue with the expansion occurs.  It’s not balanced for those who have a lot of money because they got further into the game and earned quite a bit of cash already.  Most of the balancing here is due to lack of funds and having to spend and get a good return, but having a full bag of coins means that you’re not really worried about spending out in the first place and can quickly order every essential building to be built.

That said, I do like the aspect of being in charge of a village and seeing your plans become reality, with guards popping in to your newly built tavern for a sneaky pint.

Kingdom Come Deliverance: From the Ashes





  • Finally makes use of Pribyslavitz
  • Fun for those who like the management side


  • A little too short
  • Over too quickly if you already have a lot of funds

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