Review: Kotion Each G4000 Gaming Headset

When looking for gaming headsets there are a huge number to wade through, from those that cost £20 or less to the vastly more expensive brand names at over £200.

The Kotion Each G4000 gaming headset is in the first bracket, very reasonably priced for a set that contains a mic and both line-in and USB connections (though the USB is only used for the lights and is optional), as well as light up LED panels to make them stand out. Does this mean that the sound quality is inferior? Actually, the answer is a surprising ‘no’. I’ve tried these with high quality audio sources from movies to lossless sound formats and the high and low ranges have been pretty impressive for something in this price bracket.

IMG_1972Not only this, but I’ve found them pretty comfortable to wear, even after gaming for a few hours with them on. The headband is padded on top and the ear muffs are really well surrounded, though it doesn’t completely block out sound from outside.

As you’d expect, both ear pieces are fully adjustable up and down via a ratchet-style system to get just the right position.

The microphone seems to provide a clear signal when speaking but loses a star due to not being able to be positioned inward more. It sticks out too much and while you can move it easily up and down, you can’t bring it nearer to your mouth. For my tastes this sticks out a little too far away from my face.

IMG_1973The in-line controls work well and are easy to find without having to look down. It features both volume adjustment via a wheel and a microphone mute button.  On the end of this lead are three connections; standard 3.5″ earphone, microphone and USB, though the latter is only for lighting the headset and is purely optional.

Overall, though, this is one of the best headsets I’ve tried in this price range and it would certainly suit those looking to buy gaming accessories on a budget without sacrificing quality.

Kotion Each G4000 Gaming Headset





  • Comfortable
  • Clear sound for the price
  • Good microphone quality on PC


  • Lack of positioning on microphone
  • Sound quality is still in the budget range

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  1. hRebal

    Is it possible to ajust the headset to be useable for ps4?

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