SNES games make their way to Nintendo Online

Nintendo announced that 20 SNES games would be available from today on their Switch Online service.

The games will appear as an update to the current library of NES games available on the service after a firmware update.

There are some real classics among the 20 games, some of which haven’t been available on any service since their originally appeared on the original console in the 90s.  Games such as Super Mario World, F-Zero, Super Mario Kart and Pilotwings will be well received by fans.

As long as you remain a member of Nintendo’s Online service you can gain access to these and more as they are released. Once downloaded, the games can be used offline but with a periodic check online to ensure that you are still a member of the service.

Using Joycons, you can replicate the functions of the SNES controller and 2 Player support is available by using the 2 Joycons sideways.

Alongside the 20 games, Nintendo also announced a wireless SNES controller will soon be available exclusively for Switch Online members. THis will cost £26.99 and can be ordered through the Nintendo eShop.



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