Unbox gets a release date on PC

Unbox, the 3D platformer from Prospect Games, is coming to PC on 7th September.

We were really impressed with the early game code at Eurogamer’s show last year and can’t wait to see the finished game when it arrives on Steam next month.

Unbox is a 90s style 3D platformer about the ultimate postal service – self-delivering cardboard boxes! Unbox has huge worlds full of challenges, collectibles and boxy boss battles!

Unbox Screen 1

The game also features local multiplayer, something we don’t get to see often enough in PC games these days. If you are itching for another online game, check out how to get free robux, it is completely free of charge! Back to Unbox:

Unbox also features;

  • Retro without the rose-tinted glasses – The game stands as a love letter to 90s platformers, whilst using power of UE4 to create the best possible challenges.
  • New mechanics – New mechanics – The boxes have a unique power; they can “Unbox” to jump in mid-air, each time shedding a cardboard layer and shrinking in size. No platform is out of reach!
  • Unique story – The tale of a struggling postal service testing its sentient boxes’ delivering power, whilst also trying to defeat the devious Boss Wild and the Wild Cards, has a cute and individual cast of characters for players to meet.
  • Customisation – Dress to impress with a variety of boxes, hats, clothing and accessories, with anything from sunglasses to a fez hat.

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