Review: LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Star Wars was one of the first franchises to get a LEGO game so it’s fitting that this new LEGO title tries to encompass all of the various characters, events and movies in the biggest LEGO game yet.

It doesn’t hang about, either. From the off you’re stuck into the action, choosing which era and episode you want to play through. Traveller’s Tales has upped the ante this time with a feeling of control unlike previous games, mainly thanks to a much more zoomed in camera that makes the game feel more like a third person arcade platformer, it’s an excellent change which really allows the action to shine.

Force powers, droid powers, lightsabers and guns are all present here and easy to use. The LEGO games have always been careful to provide gameplay that appeals to kids and adults alike, making the characters easy to pick up and play and The Skywalker Saga manages this balance perfectly. While there are tense firefights with Stormtroopers and boss battles, most of these can be completed by those with little skill in shooters though somehow it always feels like a fair challenge. It’s sort of the opposite of a Dark Souls game, in a good way.

Along with the gameplay, the visuals have been fully reworked so well that each LEGO brick looks almost real, with lighting and definition allowing you to feel the plastic while you feel the force. Cut scenes show off the character’s features well and allow some of the more visual humour to work well.

It’s not all good news, the scale of the game means there are bound to be some bugs that creep in and in my hours of gameplay I did come across a few that led me to restart levels, though none were gamebreaking,

Each time a new LEGO game comes out I fear that it will be just another retread with nothing exciting to add, The Skywalker Saga may contain the same great DNA from previous Traveller’s Tales games but it adds so much that it feels like the definitive LEGO game…well, until the next one.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga





  • A huge game with a wealth of content
  • Great use of voice cast
  • Best visuals in a LEGO game yet


  • Has some bugs

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