Review: Vertigo 2

The original Vertigo Remastered VR game on PCVR was a pretty decent hidden gen with some amazing boss battles, set pieces and puzzles. Vertigo 2, which has now seen a release on both Steam for PCVR and PSVR2 on the PS5 takes things much further, making it a must-have title.

The game sees you trapped in a strange world full of equally odd inhabitants, many of whom seem to have taken a disliking to you (unless we’re talking as food, and then some of them really like you). Getting back to your own world may prove rather tricky considering that this game has some of the best and biggest enemies of any VR title so far.

The enemies in general are really well realised with some decent AI involved that means you’ll need to learn their weaknesses and moves in order to survive. Thankfully you’ve got a fair arsenal of weaponry available and all of it becomes upgradable as you progress, including a pretty nifty (and very bendy) energy sword. It all feels very balanced between learning enemy moves, particularly bosses, and having the right weapon to destroy them.

The environments are stunning for VR, from labs and other buildings to a huge outside world with forests and other areas that feel vast, even though you’re actually guided a little more than you realise. The PSVR2 does, at times, find it difficult to keep up with the latter environments, with stutters here and there that did make me feel a little queasy at times, but hopefully this can be patched in time. Those with better VR legs should have no problem but will notice the stutters.

There are some puzzles to solve here, too, nothing too hard but I did notice one further into the game which I couldn’t pass first time due to it not showing anything on the screen. This was solved by saving and rebooting but, again, it does show that the scope of the game can occasionally lead to a few bugs here and there.

Vertigo 2 is one impressive VR title and I’d be tempted to say it’s the best action shooter on PSVR2 at the moment, even with a few bugs and performance issues at times. It’s well worth picking up if you want to see what VR can do if pushed.

Vertigo 2





  • Amazing world to explore
  • Huge enemy bosses
  • nice selection of puzzles


  • Some performance issues
  • A few bugs

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