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    Jon Wilson

    General Gaming Chat Thread.

    Post anything you want about anything related to gaming. Any platform, any game, anything you like.

    No rules, but let’s try to be nice.

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    David Neilson

    My general gaming thoughts of the moment:

    1. Forza Horizon 3 is looking impressive going by the demo. Not often I spend a couple of hours on a demo.

    2. Bioshock Collection coming this week – can’t see a great deal of difference in the comparison videos but I can’t resist a return to Rapture.

    3. Folders on PS4 at last. Still hate the Xbox One UI though.

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    Jon Wilson

    My general gaming thoughts of the moment:

    1. As much as I have enjoyed CoD over the past two years it is time for a change. In terms of a like-for-like swap I will be trying out Titanfall 2.

    2. Battlefield is back. I might leave it a week to see what the servers are like though.

    3. The Last Guardian has been postponed (again) until December. No big deal. It’s been 7 years already. Another few weeks won’t hurt.

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      Paul Byron

      Forza Horizon 3 is my next gaming moment, though Recore might also be an option.

      Who else played Grow Up? Thought it was a great sequel.

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    David Neilson

    I was all set to buy Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 but thankfully I tried the demo first. I’m not sure they could have bettered DX + or whatever it was called but this one doesn’t quite feel right to me. Bumping off ghosts and not dying just isn’t Pac-Man.

    @jon… I’m not really one for online gaming but even I enjoyed the first Titanfall and I spent a fair bit of time on it. Possibly a big part of that was that I wasn’t getting annihilated like I do on COD or Battlefield.

    @Paul… I never got on with the control scheme in Grow Home. I need to go back and try again one day as it is a game I really wanted to like.

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