Review: Nightmares of the Deep 3: Davy Jones

Sarah Black is no stranger to supernatural seaside mysteries, having faced off against strange magic and curses in the last 2 Nightmares of the Deep games, but this time it’s her daughter’s life in danger from Davy Jones himself.

The first game in the series involved Sarah’s daughter being taken by a mummified sea captain, but Davy Jones wants to one-up this and gets her to sign a contract with him for her soul.  But it’s also a reflection of the series, wanting to one-up the last game with better graphics, story and puzzles.


Nightmares of the Deep 3

Fortunately, the third game is the best G5 adventure yet.  The animated scenes between puzzles are polished and feel like those 3D cinema rides you get at theme parks, putting you, as Sarah, right at the heart of the action.  Artwork and voice acting have also improved, especially the haunting Davy Jones himself.

The puzzles are nicely balanced between simple logic and finding hidden objects, with games like Majong as an added bonus.  There’s a hint system in place should you really get stuck and three skill levels to start from depending on whether you’re a newcomer to these games or consider yourself a bit of a Sherlock Holmes.


Nightmares of the Deep 3

While the puzzles are not that new or really ground-breaking, they’re nicely thought out and mix with the great produciton values and rousing music to create the best hidden-object adventure yet.  For fans of the genre this is another must buy and for anyone fancying an old fashioned supernatural adventure Nightmares of the Deep 3: Davy Jones is certainly recommended.

Sound: 9

Graphics: 9

Gameplay: 8

Longevity: 7


Score: 8/10

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