Advanced Warfare Update Offers More Incentives To Play

Advanced Warfare has just had its biggest game update outside of the realms Season Pass map packs and the like. The update has been given to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC owners for now, with the PS3 and PS4 patch “pending 1st party approval”.

A full list of the update can be found here. For now, though, I would like to run through some of the updates that I think are most exciting and/or game changing.AW_GMP_Infographic_Full_v02 (1)

Added 15 Master Prestige ranks and Grand Master Prestige.

I always thought it odd that there was a level 16 cap on Prestige when the game first came out. I like to Prestige as much as the next CoD player, although my time commitments mean I am not able to do this as often as I would like. For serious CoD players though, and by serious I mean those with more spare time, reaching level 16 would be a fairly simple task. So what’s left to do after that?

Sledgehammer have just release 16 new Prestige levels, the emblems of which are simply gold versions of the first 16 levels. But they do look pretty sick. And the final level is called Grand Master Prestige, which unlocks full ‘Royalty’ camo gear as well as Elite weaponry.

Connectivity Optimizations.

Details are a little light, but I’m hoping this will fix this glitch maps you get sometimes when someone has a ‘shitter than you’ internet connection.

Note: I also followed a Youtube video which shows how to improve your PS4 connection speed. My own connection since then has been much stronger. Perhaps this update negates the need for others to follow these actions.AW_GMP_Infographic_Full_v02

Gun rebalancing including ASM1 regression.

There are a whole bunch of gun updates in there, most of which improve and/or tweak a guns performance. The update that sticks out the most for me, mainly because it’s a gun I favour, is the reduction in the initial fire rate of the ASM1.

The ASM1 currently fires quicker to begin with and then slows down a bit, meaning that in those close quarters, quick draw fights ASM1 users tend to get a slight advantage. This is being reduced, but by how much I don’t yet know. It will be interesting to see how this affects people’s gun choices though. Will I step away from the ASM1 and BAL (I notice the BAL doesn’t get updated but other Assault Rifles do)?

Added 15 more Daily Supply Drop Challenges.

Well I like them, and I think they’re fun. If anything they help to encourage people to step away from their favourite game types and try something a bit different.

I don’t know what the challenges are yet, but I’m hoping they will increase the chances of getting some of those Elite weapons.

Note: I watched a livestream on MLG last night where professional CoD player Nadeshot was purchasing Loot Crates and opening them up to see what new content they contained. I cannot find any details about these new loot crate micro-transactions on the Call of Duty website but nonetheless they do seem to exist.

Being a PS4 player I will have to wait for a while to see what they are like. You lucky Xbox and PC owners can enjoy them in full right now.


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