Ark: Survival Evolved survives lawsuit

Studio Wildcard’s lawsuit from Dungeon Defenders dev Trendy Entertainment has been settled and the game should now be able to continue past Early Access.

According to MCV, Studio Wildcard Susan Stieglitz reportedly told a fan that the firm ended up paying ’40’ (presumably $40m).

The lawsuit revolved around Jeremy Stieglitz, an ex-employee who breached his non-compete claus after he left the firm and started working at Studio Wildcard.

Ark: Survival Evolved launched into Early Access in June 2015and has since launched on Xbox One on their own Early Access programme, with a PS4 version also promised.  As Xbox have heavily marketed and stood behind the game, it wouldn’t be surprising to find they gave Wildcard a helping hand.

At least now the game has less chance of going the way of the dinosaurs…

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