Ark Survival heads to Xbox Game Preview tomorrow

Studio Wildcard’s Dino-themed open world game Ark Survival launches on December 16 for the Xbox One’s Game Preview Program.

Ark Evolved starts with the player waking up naked on a strange island filled with Dinosaurs and, of course, other players.  You can tame the dinos, find weapons and join clans to gain control of areas.

Ark Evolved sc1

The game should arrive around midnight tonight after making it’s debut on Steam’s Early Access back in June.  The Preview Program is Microsoft’s answer to the PC Early Access system, where developers and publishers can provide often unfinished code to buy with the promise that gamers will get the full version on release and will be paying less initially as they help with testing and feedback.

The full version of Ark Evolved is scheduled for release on Xbox One in June 2016.

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