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E3 is a busy time with lots of new game  announcements (if they haven’t already been leaked, that is) and more besides, but the livestreams are the best way to find out all the news.

We will be showing livestreams here where available and then popping the videos up for a repeat showing should you miss any.  But what time are they on?  We give you the big shows based on their UK times:


Saturday 9th June

EA – 7pm BST

EA Play starts E3 off with a bang, with news on Battlefront, Anthem and a host of other EA franchises.


Sunday 10th June

Microsoft – 9pm BST

The next big show isn’t until over 24 hours later, but it’s a big one for Microsoft fans and for the competition.  With Crackdown 3 delayed, what do they have in store for gamers to play this holiday season?


Monday 11th June

Bethesda – 2.30am BST

A bit early in the morning for us, but we might keep the matchsticks in to learn more about Fallout 76 and catch a glimpse of Rage 2 in action


Square Enix – 6pm BST

The (very) long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 might make an appearance alongside new footage of Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Ubisoft – 9pm BST

Always one of my favourites, Ubisoft’s E3 conferences have always been memorable, if not always for the right reasons.  I’d be disappointed if they didn’t have Just Dance news along with more Assassin’s Creed.


PC Gaming Show – 11pm BST

Later in the evening this year but always worth watching for hardware announcements as well as more in-depth developer interviews.


Tuesday 12th June

Sony – 2am BST

Never UK friendly with their times, Sony is never-the-less a must-watch show with plenty of exciting news, even if most of it has been pre-leaked by the company itself.


Nintendo – 5pm

Lastly, the big N will be showing off some exciting new footage of Smash Bros and other franchises, possibly with a few surprises up its sleeve.  If anyone has some big new games for Christmas it will be Nintendo.

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