Codemasters take over Driveclub developer Evolution Studios

Sony’s loss becomes Codemaster’s gain, it seems, as the legendary publisher has scooped up the Evolution Studios team.

In what must be a relief for the staff, it looks like most of them will be staying on in the same roles, just working for a different boss and the ability to write for multiple platforms.

Evolution’s manager, Mick Hocking was excited by the deal; “We’ve got the opportunity to write new tech on multiple platforms for the first time, to work on new ideas. It’s really exciting. It’s really the core team we’ve brought across.” he said in an interview with

driveclubBut they won’t be just amalgamated into the existing Codemasters teams, as Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier explained to “We want to benefit from everything that they’ve learned as a team together, we want them to create their own games. Of course there will be synergies, of course we will share stuff, but we would like to make sure they retain their identity and stay together as a team to do what they’re good at. What we don’t want to do is bring in a team of 50 people and start having some work on one game and some on another, on existing IP. The whole point is to keep their DNA and build a new game.”

While it means there probably won’t be another Driveclub or Motorstorm any time soon from Sony, the Evolution team have said Sony will continue to support the game going forward while the developers, under Codemasters, will most likely get to work on a brand new IP.

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