Dying Light Enhanced Edition announced

Techland have unveiled an Enhanced Edition for their hit zombie parkour game Dying Light, which will launch with all DLC and enhanced visuals.

The Enhanced Edition will come as a full retail package including many visual enhancements, a full season pass, ‘be the zombie’ DLC and all other content packs.  Even better, for those who already own Dying Light the Enhanced Edition changes will be free, though you’ll still need to buy the season pass separately if you don’t already own it.

Dying Light The Following sc2This comes alongside the news that the new expansion, The Following, will be released on 9th February 2016 as a standalone package and as part of the Season Pass.  The Season Pass will be going up in price from tomorrow to include the new expansion though anyone who has already bought it or buys it today at the reduced price will still get The Following included.

The Enhanced Edition of Dying Light includes:

  • Original Game Enhanced
  • Dying Light: The Following
  • Season Pass
  • Be the Zombie Mode
  • All Content Updates

With further enhancements to the main game also included:

  • Legend System
  • Nightmare Difficulty
  • Bounties System
  • New Parkour Moves
  • New Enemy Attacks & Behaviors
  • #DrinkForDLC Content
  • New NPC Models
  • Enhanced Facial Expressions
  • Improved Human Enemy AI
  • Improved Volatile AI
  • Greater Firearm Variety
  • HUD and Video Filter Customizations
  • Audio Upgrades
  • Gameplay Quality Improvements
  • Console Performance Upgrades
  • Overall Game Look and Feel Improvements

You can grab Dying Light and the Season Pass now on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam, with the enhanced edition and The Following out on 9th February 2016.

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