E3 2019 – When to watch

E3 is almost upon us with less than 24 hours to go until the big event starts. But who will be presenting and when? That’s the question we aim to answer below:

This year, as well as the presentations, Twitch will have most of the action from the floor live streamed for you, just by following the link here.

First up is EA with their livestream event.  While not quite a live show on the floor of E3, it promises to be full of new games and for those who hate surprises, you’ll be pleased to hear that EA have even documented what games will be shown when:

EA Play – Saturday 8th June 5:15pm

17:15 BST  Countdown to EA PLAY
17:30 BST  Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
18:00 BST  Apex Legends
18:30 BST  Battlefield V
19:00 BST  FIFA 20
19:30 BST  Madden NFL  20
20:00 BST: The Sims 4


Xbox – Sunday 9th June 9pm

The Xbox show kicks off at 21:00 on Sunday and there’s plenty to show off this year with the promise of new console exclusives, the possible full reveal of Game Pass for PC and maybe a hint of new hardware.


Bethesda – Monday 10th June 1:30am

As usual, the US times bring us to late night/early morning events like Bethesda’s at 1.30am UK time.


Devolver Digital – Monday 10th June 3am

Keep those matchsticks handy for Devolver’s E3 show at 3am on Monday morning BST.  It’s always an interesting watch.


PC Gamer Show – Monday 10th June 6pm

Back to a more normal UK time now with a 18:00 start for the PC-centric show that usually provides both hardware and software insights.


Ubisoft – Monday 10th June 9pm

Ah, Ubisoft, always worth a watch for some interesting new gameplay and maybe a chance to watch those strangely dressed dancers from Just Dance do their thing.  They’ll be around at 21:00 on Monday night.


Square Enix – Tuesday 11th June 2am

Back to an early morning slot for Square with the promise of more on that Avengers game.


Nintendo – Tuesday 11th June 5pm

It’s become something of a tradition for Nintendo to close the presentations and this year is no exception.  Featuring live coverage of games and little in the way of surprises. we’ll at least get to see some gameplay for the forthcoming games on show.








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