E3: All the shows, all the times

The E3 timetable has now been announced.  It’s a bit like a bus timetable but with far more games and far fewer buses.

With a bit of a change around this year it may seem hard to keep track,but with most of the events crowded around just 2 days, there should be something to watch whenever you tune in (but just take those 2 days off anyway, your boss won’t mind).


Sunday June 12th
9pm – EA
Yes, Sunday.  Instead of a show floor event, EA have decided to hold fan events in both Los Angeles and London. It’s definetely going to have Battlefield 1, but expect a smattering of sports titles, Titanfall sequels and some footballer or other.


Monday June 13th

3am – Bethesda
Bethesda have had a good year and we’ll even let them off holding their press conference at silly-O’clock in the UK this year as they may well have more Fallout 4, more Doom and we’re holding out for a bit of Quake, maybe?  Come on Bethesda, you know you want to!  Oh and there’s a little game called Dishonered 2 that might show up.

5.30pm – Microsoft
So many rumours abound over whether Microsoft will show off 2 new Xbox models (a slim and a new mid-gen update for next year?) to rival Sony’s Playstation 4K.  We just don’t know but we wouldn’t put it past them.  If it can play 60fps on all games then we’re in, even 2K would be pretty good.  Maybe they’ll even have VR or AR hardware to show?
Outside of hardware, there’s probably going to be more Gears of War, more PC cross-gaming announcements to make some fans mad and hopefully something new from one of the major franchises that hasn’t already been spoilt by pre-E3 leaks.
7.30pm – PC Gaming Show
I’m not sure how I feel about AMD co-delivering a PC show but they’ve got new hardware to sell and if it means a big PC gaming presence then I’m fine with it.  The show will be in the capable hands of  PC Gamer yet again.  Last year was pretty interesting with a few nifty reveals, so it’s one to look out for.
9pm – Ubisoft
I love Ubisoft’s E3 shows, they’re all a little off kilter and just a bit mad.  Previous show host, Aisha Tyler, will be on hand to drag over-excited developers on stage to reveal more on games like Watch Dogs 2 and the exciting new Ghost Recon Wildlands.
Tuesday June 14th
2am – Sony E3 2016
Always the stickler for dodgy UK timing, Sony is yet again holding their conference in the early hours of our morning. I’m sure they do it deliberately now.  PlayStation 4K, another of Sony’s big secrets that never get kept, will most likely be a focus, as will Playstation VR.  It sounds like the 2 may go hand in hand.  
Game-wise it’s anybody’s guess after last year’s big reveals, but we’re hoping to see and hear more on Last Guardian and Shenmue, at least. 
5pm – Nintendo 
Nintendo have once again climbed into their Treehouse for a gang meeting, or Treehouse: Live event, as they like to call it.  Reggie Fils-Aime is on hand to talk Zelda, with plenty of space promised on the E3 floor to play it and other games coming soon.  Whether there are any other surprise announcements remains to be seen but they seem to be saving a lot for the Tokyo Games Show instead.


Where to watch?

If that’s whet your appetite then keep checking back as we’ll be trying to get hold of all the live streams so you can watch them right here.  You could go and book a flight to E3, of course, but it’s more comfy at home with a cup of cocoa and those slippers we know you like wearing when nobody is looking.

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