E3 Day 1: Sunday roundup

E3 is now officially upon us and Sunday’s reveals got us off to a flying start with both Nintendo and Bethesda providing some interesting news.

Nintendo were first up, but not for their official conference, which starts later in the week.  This was a Smash Bros update with 3 new characters added to the roster via DLC for both Wii U and 3DS.

Fire Emblem character Roy and Earthbound’s Lucas were announced alongside a more surprising Ryu from the Street Fighter series.  That’s right, you can now face off Ryu against Mario.

Even better, the DLC is available now, either separately or as a single DLC pack for  £26.68 on the eShop. These come with plenty of new costumes for the Mii characters, Kirby’s Dreamland and Zelda’s Hyrule Castle stages and more.

Bethesda had a good start by showing off new footage of the latest Doom.  It’s big, bold with loads of guns and a pretty gory chainsaw.  Just what fans want, then.  It also comes with a really good looking map editor.

Dishonored 2 got a trailer but, alas, no playable footage as yet. For those who haven’t played the first game, there’s a Definitive Edition coming for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Finally, it was all about Fallout, with the date for Fallout 4 being announced as November 10th 2015 and a new iOS game, Fallout Shelter, available now that takes place before the bombs drop.  Staying with the mobile theme, the collectors edition of Fallout 4 comes with a ‘real’ Pipboy that you can use with your phone.  Nice touch.

You can check out the full Bethesda E3 conference below.

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