EA Access adds Need For Speed 10 hour trial tomorrow

The new Need for Speed is coming to EA Access as a 10 hour trial from tomorrow.

As with other trials, you get access to the full game for 10 hours, which you can play in any number of sessions you choose, the clock stops when you stop playing.

Trophies are earned and progress is kept so that if you choose to buy the full game after the trial you can continue from where you left off.

EA Access is a £20 a year subscription service which gives you access to full EA Games as long as you are a member.  Previously, EA confirmed that the games will not leave the vault and new games would be added regularly.

The subscription works out at incredible value considering the quality of the full games on offer and also provides gamers with access to full game trials of new EA titles before games actually launch.  At the moment EA Access remains exclusive to Xbox One.

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