EA adds Dead Space to EA Access

Well that was an interesting addition…  EA Access now has Dead Space as its latest game added to its vault, the same day Microsoft added it to Games with Gold.

Fans hoping for a backward compatible game might have been a little disappointed by the latest game from EA to get added to the vault, the list of games fully playable for a yearly or monthly subscription.  Not that Dead Space is a bad game, it’s a very good space based action horror title, in fact.

But it seems that there wasn’t the usual communication between Microsoft and EA this time around as the game was made live on Games with Gold, Microsoft’s free games for those who have a Gold Xbox Live subscription, the same day EA announced it on their EA Access service.

Still, the good news is that EA are hinting at more games coming soon (PGA Tour or FIFA 16, perhaps?) and will certainly add more Backward Compatibility games as Microsoft make them available.

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