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Funko Pops.  If you don’t know what you are by now then you’re not moving in geeky enough circles. But for those yet to be hit by the collecting bug, these little vinyl creations are addictive collectables featuring pretty much every geek character you can think of.

PopInABox.co.uk has taken the art of collecting these characters and made it into a business, but one that cares as much about its community as the collectors do about their items.

Edward Jones, the owner of the company, is commonly also the human face on social media and questions are quickly dealt with from both subscribers and those looking to subscribe.
popinaboxcollectionThe site works by listing all the Funko Pops they have or have the possibility of getting, including rare and exclusive items.  You can ‘thumb up’ or ‘thumb down’ each Pop depending on whether you want them or not and also mark each Pop if you have them.  Those marked down or that you’ve already got won’t be sent out again but you’ll get a random selection from those that are left.


You can choose how many Pops you want to receive each month, from 1 to 6, saving more money if you choose to receive more Pops at a time.

A new features which is just being brought online is the ability to choose which carrier delivers your parcel.  This is useful if you have had problems with certain delivery companies in the past and gives you more control over the order.

You can check out our latest delivery of Pops in the video below.  This came from a special batch of Pops that were already damaged in some way, so were offered at a discount.


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