FIFA 16 heads to EA Access Vault on April 19

EA have announced that the latest FIFA game will be available for free as part of their EA Access subscription on 19th April.

Coming around a year after FIFA 15 entered the vault, it’s not really surprising to find that the latest in EA’s football franchise will be available prior to the launch of the next game, FIFA 17.

FIFA 16 wasn’t as well received as its predecessor, but having it in the vault means that we should see a lot more players picking this up and playing online, keeping the game busy and possibly making EA more money from the Ultimate Team card purchases.

FIFA 16FIFA 16 joins a host of other games, including Dragon Age Inquisition, NBA 16, NHL 16, Battlefield 4 already in the Vault and available for either a £4 monthly fee or £19.99 annually.

It also comes only a week after the backward compatible Dead Space was added to the Vault.

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