GeForce RTX 3060 Ti announced

Nvidia are, it seems, on a roll. Availability of their cards aside (mostly down to bots/scalpers and manufacturing times) the 30 series RTX GeForce cards have been a revolution in price vs performance and this new 3060 Ti seems to be the biggest value card yet.

Their GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is based on the same 2nd generation RTX Ampere architecture as the other 30 series cards. This provides high quality Ray Tracing Cores and Tensor Cores, new streaming multiprocessors, and 8GB high-speed G6 memory, just like it’s slightly older brother the RTX 3070.

While the 2060 was an entry level card that had a fair amount of compromises even at the time of release, having to leave it to the 2060 Super for a decent entry level card to arrive, the 3060 Ti follows quite soon after the mid level cards and retails for just £369.00 for Nvidia’s own Founders Edition. Given that the tests so far by various sites seem to put it on a good footing compared with the 2060 Super and even tying with the 2080 Super in some games, that’s a lot of power for the money.

The most exciting news is that this new card arrives today on GeForce’s site to order, the listing is already up but without a ‘buy’ button. You’ll need to wait until 2pm GMT/6AM PT for that to appear and it’s most likely going to be taken up with a huge number of bots trying to bulk buy the stock again, but you never know.

Third Party cards will, of course, be higher in a lot of instances. Little is known about the cards or pricing but going by our preferred retailer,, the Palit seems to be priced at between £20 more for the basic card to £100 for the most expensive pro model. Expect other companies to be even higher on their top end RTX 3060 Ti models. No word on a launch date for the third party cards, either, at the moment.

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