Grab an Oculus Rift in March, only £500

Bargain of the year? Probably not, but for those of you who want the latest in VR tech for your PC then Oculus Rift is probably a must buy.

You can now preorder the headset on the official Oculus Rift site, with the UK price excluding shipping arriving at a slightly eye-watering £499. That’s the price of progress, I suppose.

Of course, those who want to truly be immersed in VR will have already needed to splash out on a decent PC to run the whole thing with.  The GTX 970 seems like a minimum spec for the system as it will need to cope with a higher FPS than normal to keep things moving without motion sickness.

The package contains the Oculus Rift headset, a sensor, Oculus Remote, cables, an Xbox One Controller and two VR games: EVE: Valykrie and Lucky’s Tale.

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