Hands-on with Just Cause 3 at EGX

Explosions.  Just Cause 3 is full of them from the moment you get dropped into the beautiful island of Medici.

As usual, it’s some despot dictator who needs to be taken down, but this time Rico Rodriguez has a personal vendetta as Medici is his home.

What follows will be familiar to the fans of the series; exploding buildings, judicious use of the grappling hook to grab onto pretty much anything and some witty one liners from our hero. Did I mention the explosions?

Medici looks peaceful enough from a distance and it certainly has a lot more terrain than previous games.  Expect big hills and caves too, all of which look much better on the current generation of consoles and PC.  It’s an overhaul that helps the game to make the most use of Rico’s latest vehicle, the always-equipped wing-suit, that can come in very handy when jumping out of planes, escaping a burning tower or leaping off a huge hillside.

But up close it’s the same action packed fight against huge waves of armed forces while you attempt to destroy everything the dictator holds dear and the game practically begs you to cause as much destruction as possible, offering all manner of perks in return.

Just Cause 3 already feels like a blockbuster and December seems like a long time to wait before I can finally let myself loose across the whole island.


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