Hardware: KLEVV Urbane 8 GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 2133 Memory

While DDR3 memory is technically on the way out, thanks to new Skylake motherboards and more efficient DDR4 memory types, there’s still a great need for DDR3 RAM for the thousands of people who want to save a bit of money but still want the same speed.

KLEVV is one of the manufactures that aim to push DDR3 to its limits and with current motherboards giving you more overclocking and faster speeds by default, 2133MHz has taken over from 1600MHz as the new speed to aim for. Even if you don’t have a motherboard and CPU combination that can support this faster speed, there’s some evidence that faster RAM even working at the lower speed can help and will certainly be more efficient, as long as your motherboard supports the slightly higher 1.6v operating voltage.

This Urbane set of 2 4GB RAM modules is very well packaged in a smooth black box that makes it look professional. The modules are each packed in a foam surround, completely covered in a plastic case (which took me a good few minutes to prise off). There’s little danger of them getting damaged in transit.

Thanks to the large heatsink, which works to dissipate heat really well, the RAM is really easy to install as the chunky units make gripping the modules easy. Once installed, the computer had no issue with recognising the RAM.  After significant testing, the new RAM  worked well at the standard speed on an older motherboard and I did notice a marked improvement in Windows operations with these in place of my current 8GB and also using both sets for 16GB.

The main benefit of faster RAM can be felt in more complex tasks and through multi-tasking in applications or where video editing.  Gaming isn’t really affected by any sizeable amount but if you find the faster memory modules are cheaper then it’s certainly a good choice to find some that will be better for the heat dissipation in your system and these KLEVV DDR3 modules certainly fit the bill.


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