Hitman GO comes to PC, PS4 and PS Vita next week

Square Enix recent mobile take on their follicly challenged assassin, Hitman:Go, is headed to Steam and PSN next week.

The mix of classic Hitman game and board game proved pretty popular on Apple and Android devices and now makes its way to other platforms.  The PSN version will be cross-buy and cross-save between PS4 and PS Vita, according to Square Enix’s blog.

“Whether you’re on PlayStation or PC we have got you covered in terms of platform specific integration. If you’re a PlayStation fan, the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions are cross-buy & cross-save so you can take the game on the GO anytime and play on your big screen when you come home. Trophy hunters rejoice: if you have the will to complete everything in Hitman GO without using any hints, you will be treated to a Platinum trophy. On Steam, you can expect the usual Steamworks integration: trading cards, emojis, wallpapers, cloud saves and Steam achievements.”

Hitman:Go hits Steam and PSN on 24th February 2016.

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