Infinity Crate February Review

Each month we’ll take a look at some of the crates and boxes out there. This is Infinity Crate, a UK based box that promises to ‘Take a real interest in what you want’.

They do this by allowing you to specify your favourite TV Shows, Movies, Games etc when you sign up for their £14.99 box at and then they try to cater for that within each month’s theme.

Infinity Create Feb TeeFebruary’s theme was Nostalgia, a theme we’ve seen varieties of in recent blocks, so it was interesting to find out what their take would be.

The T-shirt design for the month is Back To The Future, featuring the famous phrase ‘Where we’re going, we don’t need roads’.  Being big fans of the trilogy, this was another great tee from the Infinity guys.

As seems to be the case with all Infinity Crate Tees, the design is in 2 colours but it still looks nice.

Infinity Create Feb popAnother staple of the Infinity Crate is the Funko Pop and this month it’s one of my favourite franchises; Ghostbusters and, luckily, my favourite of the 4 man team, Ray Stantz.  He comes complete with goggles over his head, ready for some ghost busting business.

Also in the box this month was a colourful Sonic Lanyard, a Mario keyring and a retro DC Comics credit card holder, alongside an Alien Vs Predator poster and some Atomic Fireblast candy (which isn’t half as hot as it looks).

So another good month for Infinity Crate, which always seems to deliver on its main features of T-shirt and figure, providing a few surprises as well.

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