Is a CHEAP Xbox One on the horizon?

According to a leaked Black Friday deal shows a significant RRP drop might be heading our way for the Xbox One.

The advert itself is for Dell’s Black Friday deal, which seems to be a US based event and so unfortunately no open to us mere mortals on the other side of the pond.


The price drop is significant enough to sit up and take note. I’m sure Dell won’t be alone in offering this sort of deal and who knows, perhaps $300 is about to become the standard benchmark for this sort of deal (500GB Xbox One, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition bundle with a copy of Fallout 4 and an extra controller).

All that for £200??!!

Taking this one step further, then, are we about to see some good deals on Xbox One consoles in the UK? The PS4 has been outselling the XB1 left, right and centre and MS have to do something fairly drastic to start clawing that back.

Could a price war be the answer they are looking for?

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