LEGO Dimensions: new pack shots leak MI, A-Team and more

Further to our news that Adventure Time and other new franchises were coming to LEGO Dimensions, Amazon Mexico have seemingly accidentally leaked images of some of the new packs, including a few big surprises.

Thanks to those eagle-eyed people at Brick Toy News, we now have images of the US/Mexican packs, which include some surprise additions like The A-Team and Mission Impossible, alongside previously rumoured Harry Potter and Adventure Time packs.

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time pack

The most interesting image is of the Ghostbusters reboot set, not because it’s a big surprise but because it seems to be a huge new set that fits around the portal.  Could this be the hub world for the next wave of LEGO Dimension toys?

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters 2016 story packs

The other franchises are certainly a surprise, borrowing from famous Warner Bros, Paramount and 20th Century Fox movies.  We’re particularly excited for the A-Team B.A. pack, hopefully with Mr T providing the voice.

LEGO Dimensions Mr T

LEGO Dimensions MI LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter

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