Mario 64, DK 64, Wario Ware Touched! and Mario Kart DS coming to Wii U

Nintendo are bringing Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Wario Ware Touched! and Mario Kart DS to Wii U on Virtual Console.

The announcement was made during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct (which you can watch here) and marks the start of N64 and DS games making their way onto the system (though Brain Training has been previously available as a special free download last year).

Virtual Console games Wii U

Those who already own Mario 64 on Wii Virtual Console and ported it to their Wii U will get the game at a special discounted price of £1.79.  The standard price of each game will be £8.99, but if you buy 3 of the titles then you will be able to get the 4th one free.


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