Micro Machines coming to mobile devices later this year

Chillingo and Codemasters are bringing the  legendary top-down racing game Micro Machines to mobile devices worldwide later this year.

Based on the iconic toy vehicles from Hasbro, Micro Machines games have been thrilling fans for nearly 25 years on various consoles and home computers.

“The Micro Machines brand immediately evokes excitement and nostalgia with so many people around the world,” explains Ed Rumley, General Manager, Chillingo. “The originalMicro Machines game from the 90’s pioneered the multiplayer, competitive experience and we can’t wait to resurrect those same thrills on today’s mobile devices.”

“Working with Chillingo has been extremely beneficial in developing this much loved game,” states Chris Gray, Executive Producer, Codemasters. “Our teams are collaborating closely to ensure Micro Machines returns as the definitive multiplayer combat racing game, with more games modes and ways of playing to gain new fans around the world.”

Micro Machines will be available later this year on the App Store. We’re also expecting an Android announcement at some point after this, but there’s no confirmation as yet.

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