Microsoft add a new set of Backward Compatible games to Xbox One

Major Nelson has announced a new list of Xbox 360 games that are now playable on Xbox One.

The list, on his official blog, only contains one full retail game, The Witcher 2, but when the Arcade games include Sam & Max and Soulcalibur you won’t hear us complaining. See below for the full list.

Previously, backwards compatible games were listed in groups like this but going forward this will change, explains Major Nelson;

“..we’re also going to start releasing titles as they become available rather than a set monthly launch date. What this means for you is that you won’t have to wait to find out the latest titles; we’ll release whatever is available, when they’re available, once each title has received the engineering and publisher stamp of approval.

For more details, check out Here’s What’s in Store for Xbox One Backward Compatibility over at Xbox Wire.”

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