More Backward Compatible games come to Xbox One

Microsoft’s somewhat stealth release of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One continues with a classic Sega title and 2 Star Wars classics.

Jet Set Radio sc1Jet Set Radio is a Dreamcast game which made its way on to pretty much every other last generation platform in Sega’s bid to port their games digitally.  It’s a bit of a cult classic and, despite the difficult to master controls, still plays brilliantly.

The cell shaded visuals and Japanese influences create something pretty unique.  We’re only hoping that Microsoft have plans to re-release the excellent sequel, the original Xbox Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox One at some point.

MX vs. ATV Reflex & Texas Hold ‘Em are also released as backward compatibility titles, the former being one of the better games in the long running MX franchise and the latter being another cult classic which was one of the first games to debut on Xbox Live Arcade.

Force Unleashed screenLastly, 2  Star Wars games made their way on to the Backward Compatibility list yesterday during May 4th (International Star Wars Day, in case you were away from the internet or hiding in a cave somewhere).  Force Unleashed and its sequel are solid Star Wars games which add a (probably now unofficial) side story to Darth Vader’s time as a Sith master prior to A New Hope and introduce a great new character in Starkiller.



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