Mugsters Trailer prepares you for the invasion

Team17 and developer Reinkout Games  Mugsters is out next week and to prepare you for the alien invasion, they’ve put together this instructional video.

The world is in peril and people need your help, but to help them you must first fight your way through hordes of extra-terrestrial terrors that are hell bent on stopping you! There are reports of four-armed alien invaders, fearsome flying robot fiends and all manner of unearthly unmentionables. Your mission is simple; defeat these alien adversaries, rescue survivors and hightail it out of there!

Mugsters is a physics-based, action puzzle game where you must outrun, out-manoeuvre and outsmart your enemies by experimenting with different sandbox levels, vehicles, environmental traps and explosives.

Mugsters will be releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on 17th July 2018

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