Multiplayer FPS ‘Tip Of The Spear: Task Force Elite’ Adds Cool Content & Awesome New Maps

Indie game developer Red Jake Studios has announced the availability of a major content update to multiplayer FPS Tip Of The Spear: Task Force Elite.

The game will be available via STEAM beginning October 29th 2020 – perfectly timed to coincide with the platforms free weekend that runs until the 2nd of November. Tip of The Spear: Task Force Elite is a modern spiritual sequel to classic first-person shooters from late 1990s and early 2000s, in which you engage in infantry combat across urban and terrain-based maps. 

Tip of The Spear: Task Force Elite was released to critical acclaim in 2019. The Early Access 3.0 update is a major milestone to the game and has been extensively tested with the support of more than 100 BETA testers. The update adds a brand-new sound system, new urban and terrain-based challenging maps to play with 100s of exclusive assets, and improvements have been made to the existing modes of play (TKOTH, TDM, CTF & DM). Known bugs have been flushed out, and the menus and HUD redesigned and improved. Fans with older systems will welcome the optimizations done to the core engine, allowing the game to be fully enjoyed on legacy systems. Tip of The Spear: Task Force Elite offers NO kill streaks, NO perks, NO pay to win, NO unlockable weapons, NO random spawns and no BS; it’s classic FPS run & gun action to the core! 

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