Nacon’s new GC-400ES pad emulates keyboard and mouse

Nacon has announced the Nacon GC-400ES: Alpha Pad, designed to overcome the challenges naturally met when playing a keyboard/mouse title using a pad.

While the Valve-designed Steam Pad has a touchpad to emulate a mouse, the Alpha Pad takes things one stage further.

“Can you imagine your gaming experience in MOBAs like League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm or Smite – or even competitive shooters like Counter Strike: Global Offensive – without the keyboard and mouse?

Thanks to the Nacon GC-400ES: Alpha Pad and its Keyboard/Mouse mode, we could see the next LoL champions at Gamergy wielding game pads in their hands.”

Nacon GC400ES buttonsThe extra buttons and the new technology used in the right stick are designed to provide an alternative to games like MOBAs where keyboard and mouse is seen as the only way to play in a competitive environment.

Additional weights are also provided for better balancing.

But it’s the right joypad stick which should see the most interest from this crowdfunded device, boasting¬†software developed to provide greater accuracy, rivalling a traditional mouse for gamers.

This gaming revolution will begin May 23rd, when Nacon will launch a worldwide crowdfunding campaign over on INDIEGOGO.COM. Gamers can help to make this project a reality by acquiring the new Nacon GC-400ES at a very special campaign price.

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