New Apple TV brings Apps to the screen

Apple’s latest version of their little black box aims to go up against Google and Amazon for App-based TV.

The Apple TV uses a brand new bluetooth-based remote and Siri to provide voice commands as well as a touch sensitive controller which allows for swipes as well as clicks.

Apple TV RemoteSiri enables not just searching for movies and TV across all apps (which should include Netflix, Now TV and other media apps when it hits the UK) but even intricate searches such as finding a particular episode.

The box also comes with a far larger built in memory, used for storing apps from the app store, a new addition to Apple TV that will allow games, shopping and other apps to be downloaded to the device.

The box is far more powerful than the previous generation, which allows it to play films at a higher bit rate.

The new Apple TV will come in 2 different memory capacities and starts at $149, so that could be anywhere from £99 to £150 (we hope it’s the former amount).

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