New characters announced for Super Smash bros for 3DS and Wii U

Nintendo have announced some new characters in their final video presentation for the game.

Corrin from Fire Emblem is present, in both male and female form, with a dragon attack that gives you wings and a Dragon Fang Shot that paralyses an opponent.

Purchasing Corrin also gets you the Fire Emblem Fates theme with vocals and a remix of the song. Corrin will be available on 28th February.

As previously announced, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy will be available to download today for the game.  The Final Fantasy 7 and he’ll feature a Limit Break feature with a unique gauge to fill in order to activate the Limit Break and special attacks. Cloud’s infamous move Omnislash will also be present in the game as a finishing move.

The Final Fantasy Midgar Stage will also be available in the game, where you can use Summon Materia to summon monsters which will change the terrain of the level.  Ifrit, Ramuh, Odin and others will be on hand to give you an advantage if you manage to pick up the Summon Materia.Smash Bros 3DS Midgar Stage summon

If you buy Cloud then you’ll also get a cute Chocobo hat for your Mii fighter which will probably kill the opponents with cuteness alone.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a Geno outfit with gun for Mii characters from Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, also available later today.

Smash Bros 3DS BayonettaFinally, the most voted for character in Europe, Bayonetta, is coming to Smash Bros with demon powers and an Infernal Climax final smash.  Expect some eyebrows to be raised!  Bayonetta will come with an Umbra Clock Tower stage based on her own game.

There’s no release date for Bayonetta but Nintendo are targetting a February 2016 date.

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