New DLC heading to Halo 5 this month

Microsoft’s fifth free DLC drop for Halo 5 will be landing this month with 2 new maps and new Reqs.

Ghosts of Meridian will feature 2 brand new maps; Skirmish at Darkstar and Tyrant, alongside a host of new Req drops.

Tyrant promises to be perfect for Capture the Flag and Assault modes in this Forerunner city that barely survived the attack from the Gravemind, while Skirmish at Darkstar is the smallest map yet in the game.

343 studio head Josh Holmes explained more when he spoke to GameSpot;

“Throughout the development of our Warzone maps we’ve learned a lot about crafting spaces that work well for both PvP and for fighting AI and bosses,” he said. “We try to facilitate many different types of play, allowing players to deploy a variety of Reqs according to team strategy and individual playstyle. We want to make sure that no matter which Req players bring in, they have an area on the map where it can be used effectively and to have fun.”

Halo 5 dlc 5
Skirmish at Darkstar

It will also focus on a different way to start the game, mixing things up for long term players of the Halo series.  Holmes explained the changes;

“For Skirmish at Darkstar we have a new intro experience where players are dropped into the middle of the action. Both teams have a clear objective that creates confrontation from the beginning,” Holmes said. “Like in Halo 5: Guardians’ campaign, Prometheans on the map are using stolen UNSC vehicles against players. To balance this, we provide a number of paths that on-foot players can use to navigate between bases without getting run over by vehicles (AI or player controlled).”

Halo 5 is available now both digitally and at retail on Xbox One.

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