New Sims FreePlay Update adds more shopping fun!

EA’s Sims FreePlay mobile game has just updated and you can now shop on the 2nd floor of the mall if you have passed level 12.

Yes, you do have to be on level 12 to get the mall but it is easy enough to get to that level. With this new update there are 2 new hobbies which are the Make Up Artist hobby and the Fashion Hunter hobby. As well as 2 hobbies there is a new quest, as with every other update, which is called the Pretty Little Planters Quest.


This update will also bring over 600 new clothing items and accessories.


Pretty Little Planters Quest

With this quest you can unlock all new sim fashion. So be ready for a fashionable quest!


Wumples Play Centre

Can you little sims keep bothering you when your sims are shopping? Well, they can now go to Wumples new Play Centre where they can discover loads of new adventures.


Make Up Kiosk

You can also find a Make Up Kiosk on the second floor of your mall. Now you can get lots of different Make up for your sims! Your sims can now become make up super stars, with the all new Make Up Artist hobby.


Bargain Centre

There is also a Bargain Centre on the 2nd floor of the mall, where your sims can do the brand new Fashion Hunter hobby. You can get many great trendy shops in the Bargain centre that are packed with fabulous clothes.


Indoor Sky Diving Centre

This Indoor Sky Diving Centre is for those sims who aren’t to keen on shopping and they would rather do indoor sky diving.


Coin Fountain

Why don’t your sims throw a coin in the coin fountain? Who knows they might wish for more clothes and accessories.


Sim Town Cinema

If your sims have seen a trailer for a film that they really like the look of, why don’t you take them to the Sim Town Cinema. If you want you can take photos afterwards at the photo booth!

The update is now available on iTunes and Google play.

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