New Xbox 360 Firmware update adds Hard Drive support

The first Xbox 360 Update being prepared for testing will include support for 2TB Hard Drives.

Major Nelson confirmed the details of this long-awaited feature in his blog and that the update would be in testing soon as part of the Preview Program, then rolled out to everyone else later in the year.

“The next update for Xbox 360 Preview Program members will allow the use of 2TB hard drives to store Xbox 360 data. If you are not part of the Preview program you will get this functionality later this year. In addition we will also no longer reserve space in advance on your hard drive.  If you are using 16GB of hard drive space for games – we will only take 16GB of space. And just like today – you will be able to use two external drives at a time.”

Given the take-up of digital game downloads and the small non-changable hard drives of the Xbox 360, this feature has been much requested by gamers, especially after the Xbox One came with this feature soon after launch.

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