Nintendo reveals new Animal Crossing New Horizons details

The latest Nintendo Direct focused on the forthcoming and eagerly awaited Animal Crossing New Horizons for Switch, revealing more about how the game differs from past titles.

The video starts by reacquainting us with the features already announced; putting up a tent, raising Nook Miles, crafting furniture and general daily life on the new island you’ll be calling home, then moves on to some new features.

One of these is Nook Link, a way to connect to others using a phone app. This lets you voice chat and type messages while playing online. It will also allow you to move previously created patterns from earlier games on to New Horizons.

Some improvements to landscaping mean that you’ll now have a bit of sway over how the lay of the land looks. Slopes, bridges and paths will be available to design, making your island truly unique. New house tools will let you spin the camera around 360 degrees to fully design the walls and interior of your house (once you migrate from a tent into a proper house).

To check these out in action and learn more, watch the video below.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is due out on 20th March 2020.

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