Nintendo reveals new system for digital content on gaming platforms

Nintendo have revealed some of their plans for future digital gaming and rewards as part of their Corporate Management Policy Briefing.

The new system may launch with Nintendo’s new console, codenamed NX, expected at the end of 2016 in all regions, or may form an update to the current Wii U and 3DS system before the release of the NX.

It puts more emphasis on rewards, cloud-based downloads and online game management, hopefully putting an end to the system of tying the games you buy to a single console.

“Firstly, on Nintendo’s official website, you will be able to purchase digital download software for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.” reads the report,

“When you find an interesting title after seeing articles or videos introducing new games through your PC or smart device, you can buy it on the spot, and the purchased software will be automatically downloaded to your Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.”

“Also, in accordance with each member’s profile, purchase records and play records, we will send notices and gifts.  For example, an Animal Crossing character called Isabel may send some information or a present to those who are playing with that game, Mario Kart players may receive a notice about add-on content and we may also send a message that enables the recipient to purchase some software at an attractive price point on his or her birthday.”

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