Nintendo Switch Lite revealed

Nintendo have finally shown off the long rumoured Nintendo Switch Lite, a handheld only cheaper version of Switch.

Aside from going against the very name of the original console, which ‘switches’ between a home console and a portable, the Lite will be a cheaper and smaller console that has been designed deliberately as a handheld.  The Joycons won’t be removable, either, meaning that games which need motion controls from individual Joycons will need additional Joycons to play, though this won’t be a problem if you already have a Switch with several sets of Joycons in the family.

As you can see below, the initial batch will be available in  turquoise, yellow and grey, will have a D-pad in place of the 4 left hand buttons and will be smaller than the Switch with a better battery life.

The console will launch on 20th September at a suggested retail price of $199.99 (possibly £179.99-£199.99 but UK price to be confirmed)


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