No Man’s Sky Preorder DLC causes issues for some players

Those who pre-ordered the digital copy of No Man’s Sky, which launched yesterday, are finding that their preorder bonus ship causes a potentially game-breaking bug.

Well, I say ‘bug’, but it’s really just an oversight. You see, the game takes you through a comprehensive tutorial and throws a few blueprints your way in order for you to repair your ship and, later, build a Hyperdrive.  It’s this latter element which is an issue because they pre-order ship already has a Hyperdrive, so the game skips this tutorial and doesn’t give you the plans to create one.

Fast forward to when you’ve got enough credits to buy a new ship.  You grab a great looking vessel, only to realise that it doesn’t have a Hyperdrive built in and you don’t actually have the plans to build one, so no more galaxy hopping for you, my friend.

So far, every ship I’ve encountered has a Hyperdrive, so it may not be a huge issue for many players, but a few have reported that every ship they come across requires this essential upgrade (maybe they’re just not visiting the right establishments?), so if you haven’t played the game yet, don’t redeem your DLC ship until you’ve got past the Hyperdrive building stage, you’ve been warned!

Most likely, Hello Games are already on to this and will patch a set of plans in at your nearest friendly Space Station soon.

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