Oculus Quest 2 may receive a 120Hz update

Late last year, Oculus updated their best-selling standalone VR headset with an impressive 90Hz update, making life inside VR worlds that much smoother. Now, according to rumours, it may go one better.

It’s not 100% confirmed as yet but it came as a response during an Instagram Q&A session with Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, the vice president at Facebook Reality Labs. He was asked whether the Quest 2 would get a 120Hz refresh rate update and, in response, gave a thumbs up, as reported by VR news site Road To VR.  

This would be an exciting prospect given that the headset is far cheaper than the nearest 120Hz alternatives and can run on it’s own without the need for a PC, though it remains to be seen how it could both keep cool and run for enough time on the internal battery with this mode enabled.

The Quest and Quest 2 have sold far better than Oculus expected, allowing them to retain their focus on making improvements and also creating a rumoured follow-up to be released in a few year’s time. There are plenty of great games and apps available for the device, including a new ‘ App Lab’ update which brings new apps in development to every customer through demos, beta releases and indie style apps.

You can check out some of our top rated games for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 right here.

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