Oculus Rift security update actually makes it easier to pirate

An update to prevent HTC Vive from using Oculus Rift’s exclusive titles has instead opened the door for easier access.

The creator of the original hack, Revive, was surprised to find that the patch for Oculus Rift’s DRM had actually made it easier to completely bypass the security checks and run software not originally bought through the store.  According to MCV, Libre VR, the creator of the hack explained “Thanks to the Oculus patch, however, the new Revive is able to simply bypass Oculus’ security checks altogether, leaving the game unable to determine whether you legitimately own the game or not.”

It’s most likely that Oculus are already working on another patch for this, but in the meantime it does allow those with their rival system, the HTC Vive, experience those exclusive games.

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